Why Remedy:
A Higher Standard of Care

Rehab that starts right…and stays right

Beginning immediately with a new admission, we launch a highly responsive, cooperative protocol:

  • 24-hour new admission evaluation turnaround
  • Set definable goals for resident therapy
  • Advanced, therapy-driven ADL schedules to maximize functional outcomes
  • Discharge planning initiated upon admission

As therapy progresses, we reassess to ensure goals are met, plan remains appropriate and adapts to changing needs:

  • Weekly progress notes and 28-30 day re-certifications for all payor sources, to provide better documentation, more responsive therapy
  • Chart review and observation monitoring of all residents in census — beyond required quarterly screening — to make sure no needs go unmet

Turning on the full power of measurement

Remedy adheres to precise Functional Outcomes Measures processes to optimize care quality and progress:

  • Emphasize objective goals that can be measured vs. subjective goals that cannot
  • Functional testing with quantitative metrics (e.g., numerical ratings or time)
  • Monthly review of all data to adjust and optimize care

We utilize the industry’s most advanced technology to facilitate care and address facility reimbursement challenges:

  • Integrate with facility’s EHR system
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPMs) in real-time
  • Compare KPMs against national data warehouse to identify issues and opportunities
  • Complete documentation and workflow to manage ADRs and appeals

A 5-minute test to determine if you should switch rehab service providers

It’s not always obvious when a change in contract therapy providers is needed. This brief test can help you know if the time is right for you to switch.

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