Why Remedy:
Better Communication and Teamwork

Long-term care operators know that the degree to which the rehab provider, the facility, and residents and their family are in synch has a significant impact on overall rehab performance. So, we’ve built our model around team collaboration and accountability to ensure regular and open dialogue, avoid disruptive and costly communication breakdowns, and enhance efficiencies that increase productivity.

Teamwork that works for patient care

Remedy therapists maintain scheduled, consistent and open communication with facility staff:

  • Weekly therapy schedules to each nurse’s station for their specific residents’ ADLs
  • Regular patient reports customized to facility needs
  • Daily PPS updates, including Managed Care residents’ progress, based on objective measurements

Remedy provides ongoing best practices training and support to the facility and its residents:

  • Online educational resources
  • Clinical and administrative inservices as needed
  • Therapists actively participate in reimbursement updates to optimize match between resident’s need and length of stay
  • Quarterly resident and family surveys for quality assurance and issue identification
  • Therapists provide discharge home assessments

Teamwork that works for facility performance

We recognize our role in the facility’s overall performance, and adhere to a comprehensive communication and support plan to ensure success:

  • Transition planning and support to reduce disruption and challenge of switching providers
  • Detailed onboarding program, including weekly on-site visits by Adaptive management during launch period
  • One-month post go-live accountability meeting
  • Ongoing quarterly business reviews with facility management to address progress data, business results, service issues and areas for improvement
  • Ongoing collaboration between therapist and facility to verify pay or source/therapy match

A 5-minute test to determine if you should switch rehab service providers

It’s not always obvious when a change in contract therapy providers is needed. This brief test can help you know if the time is right for you to switch.

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