Why Remedy:
Flexible Business Models

Spurred by shifting demographics, access to capital, and changing reimbursement, long-term care operators today have a wider range of business challenges and opportunities. This includes the structure of rehab services programs. Remedy is uniquely positioned to help you identify, prepare and implement the rehab services business model that best fits your individual business objectives:

  • We have significant experience with multiple models, including experience from both the operator and service provider perspective
  • We emphasize pricing diagnosis assessments to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for
  • We are privately owned and well-capitalized, with no pressure to appease outside investors seeking quick return
  • We combine active senior level involvement with a lean corporate overhead

Business Model Options

By working with Remedy, you can deliver rehab services within your facility or facilities within a range of business models:

Contract Outsourcing

Remedy can be your outsourced contract provider for rehab services. In this traditional business model, Remedy assumes responsibility for delivering its services via its employees, contractors and systems. A Remedy Therapy Services program director is empowered to drive performance, including financials and clinical services, to your specific facility and residents’ needs.

Management Contract

Long-term care operators who want to completely own their own rehab services company can benefit from working with Remedy via a management contract. In this situation, Remedy can provide a menu of management services to your operation to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently, and complies with applicable regulations. In this model, operators assume more risk, but can benefit from:

  • Total ownership with consultative support to lessen operational responsibility
  • Fee-based management costs

A 5-minute test to determine if you should switch rehab service providers

It’s not always obvious when a change in contract therapy providers is needed. This brief test can help you know if the time is right for you to switch.

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