Care and Compassion



  Putting Patients First  

Rehab Therapy is the core of our work, but it’s only the beginning of what we offer. We build custom business and care systems that will help you enhance treatment, eliminate operational challenges, and improve the entirety of your organization.

Collaboratorative and attenitive, our team knows how to optimize clinical care, improve outcomes, and build outstanding rehab programs that will you well-positioned for long-term success.


  Experience & Expertise  

We shape our approach to suit your specific goals and vision. Whether you need a full range of operational services or assistance with specialized consulting, our veteran care experts will give you the tools you need to move forward, and produce results.


  Systems & Solutions  

Remedy Therapy is committed to delivering an extraordinary care experience. Help us enrich our community, and together, let's ensure patients and families enjoy good health.


Our approach places a premium on enhancing efficiency and removing roadblocks. We blend provider perspective with managerial know-how to build systems that elevate care, streamline communications, and drive growth.

   Clinical Care   

Our patient-centered rehabilitation programs help residents get back to the things they love most, faster. Supportive and compassionate, we help partners set new standards for excellence, and provide first-rate care experiences.

   Quality Assurance   

Maintaining a top-tier care program doesn’t happen by accident. We monitor and audit every operation we contribute to, help our partners stay on top of regulations, and set high standards for quality, safety, and patient care. 

   Business & Strategy   

We know that strategic planning is the key to growth and success. That's why we help you identify, prepare, and implement the service model that best fits your organization's business goals and objectives.

  Your Partner in Health  

“Remedy's Patient-Centric Philosophy is woven into the fabric of our organization. Their commitment to teamwork has paved the way for specialized programs that fit into our vision, and our collaborative relationship has led to advanced healthcare programming and impressive outcomes that have improved our residents' quality of life.”


Akiva Glatzer | Owner, Priority Healthcare


  Community Clinics  

Explore life at one of our local community clinics. These convenient on-site programs offer numerous benefits for residents, families, and community staff. Our therapists keep older adults active, promote wellness, and give residents the tools they need to enjoy rich, vibrant lifestyles.


  Push Health Forward  

Help fuel the future of rehab therapy and community care. Be part of our work, and together, we'll ensure patients and families get the attention and support they need.