Skilled Nursing Facilities

  Committed to Community  
Our skilled nursing programs are defined by quality, care, and attention to detail. Our therapists are devoted to creating positive, affirming environments where residents can find the support they need to achieve independence, health, and vitality.  
friendly staff caregiver of nursing home
Physical Therapy
  • Improve strength, mobility & balance

  • Work with nursing and MD to reduce pain and promote healing

Occupational Therapy
  • Improve strength,

  • Improve coordination & ability to safely perform self-care to avoid reinjury and preserve dignity

Speech Therapy
  • Improve communication and cognitive skills

  • Safety awareness

  • Treatment of swallowing problems to promote improved nutrition 

  Find the Remedy  

As a dedicated partner, we place a wealth of specialized industry expertise at your disposal. We leverage decades of experience to create dynamic, high-quality rehab programs that improve patient outcomes, increase resident satisfaction, and allow you to manage your facility with confidence.


  • Maintain compliance and changing regulations

  • Optimize case-mix and Part B services

  • Expert staffing and schedule management

  • Control costs, maximize margins

  • Benchmark your performance across the industry 

  • Deliver state-of-the-art clinical programs

Ensure you operate with best practices and achieve sustained success.


  Operational Solutions  

Billing & Appeals

++  Our PDPM Support Team ensure proper MDS coding, reducing missed billing.

++  Our Appeals Team works through all levels of questions and submissions.

Staffing & Training

++  Our therapists maximize patient outcomes with: 

  • Individualized therapy 

  • PDPM  Training

++  Our Clinical Ladder Program develops clinical therapists’ expertise to enhance patient outcomes.


++  Urgent patient evaluation needs are met with an extensive network of therapists for 7-day week coverage.


++  We offer employees a robust benefits package – including 401k, health coverage, PTO, and more! 

Reporting & Tools

++  Enhanced Rehab Optima platform integrated with Facility EMR

++  Business  intelligence reporting with reader-friendly visuals and  personal consultations  to: 

  • Analyze performance and outcomes by patient, site and business goals.

  • Benchmark against industry performance.

  • Review monthly outcomes and assess PDPM reimbursement. 


  Clinical Solutions  

Programming & Education 

Our program experts provide comprehensive proprietary programming, clinical pathways, and provide an extensive library of resources for our therapists to incorporate on site to meet all patient needs.

Internal Support 

We assist our on-site therapists with guidance and support: 

  • PDPM, MDS, coding, and data capture questions.

  • Library of PDPM resources 

  • Rehab Optima 

  • Newsletter that supplies latest info on clinical strategies and industry advances.

Clinical Specialists

Our team is always available to answer questions from the field. We offer support with coding, billing, documentation, treatment interventions, goal writing, and much, much more!

  Quality Assurance  

Comprehensive QAPI program

​We ensure the implementation of best practices and high-quality therapy policies. We work to maintain quality, compliant patient care and therapy integration for the facility’s interdisciplinary team. 

Robust Auditing & Monitoring 

Our internal QA team: 

  • Monitors all sites 

  • Conducts scheduled audits of facilities and requested audits, sharing findings with our Operations team 

Monthly Operations Quick Audit 

Co​nducted by the on-site Director of Rehab, these monthly audits ensure all aspects of therapy programs are monitored for compliance throughout the course of a year



  Compassion & Care  

Learn more about health and wellness. Our collection of educational resources can help you answer questions about physical therapy and help you navigate the world of long-term care.